How Old Is Olive In Manifest

What are Olive and Cal’s ages in Manifest?

In season 4 of Manifest, Cal is approximately 19 or 20 years old. When Cal returned home at the end of the third season, he was significantly older than 12 years old. Instead, he had reached Olive’s age (around 17 or 18), which is the age he would have been had he not been a passenger on Flight 828.

How many years separate Olive and TJ?

Fortunately for Olive, TJ was a passenger on Flight 828, so when he returned, Olive was 5 years older and TJ had not aged, transforming their inappropriate crush into a healthy relationship.

Are TJ and olive a couple?

After assisting in the murder investigation, TJ became an honorary Stone family member and began dating Olive.

What is the age of the twin on Manifest?

Cal Stone’s age is ambiguous in ‘Manifest’ Cal was 10 years old when he boarded Flight 828, the same age as his twin sister Olive Stone (Luna Blaise).

How did Cal get older?

Cal Stone was a passenger on Flight 828, but when he touched the plane’s tailfin, he vanished and reappeared as an older version of himself, most likely due to how time and space function in the divine consciousness.

What makes Cal the Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail belongs to the individual who can experience psychic connections over the greatest distances. Holy Grail is a person. Even if the Major does not know the answer, the fans already know it. As do Michaela and Ben: Cal.